About me

About me


My name is Tobias and soon I’ll soon be riding on the Eurovelo 6 to the black see. Didn’t see that coming? Note to self, maybe less (in this case humor) could be profitable for this blog. The idea is to put some basic information about preparation on this blog and latter share photos and impressions that shall reveal themselves on the trip. In 2013 I did a trip from Lyon to Barcelona, it was my first long distance cycling trip and was quite the experience. Surely enough I didn’t write a lot of stuff down and the little info, like campsites, distances got lost somewhere after. This time there I hope to keep something more than fond memories that’ll start to fade some years after. So here we go.

If you have questions or ideas you can contact me under biketrip@tobik.eu or just write a comment.

Have a nice day,

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