Let’s start with maps

Let’s start with maps


Hey there average 2.5 people how will read this blog. I welcome you on my journey to the black sea.

It’s 10 days before departure and I had the idea to start writing down stuff concerning my voyage, early as always. Today’s post is about cards, precisely the 2kg of maps that will accompany me on the bike. Usually preparation is not my strong side, I got the first part of the maps seen on the photo that show the eurovelo 6 in a scope of 1cm = 1km which is quite good. Other than that there are no indications whatsoever. To my surprise my my dad send me a heavy package of maps for the Danube part of the trip (they make the 1.75kg of the 2kg). First I was sceptical but they have a lot of information about the surrounding villages/cities/nature which shall be most interesting. They also alert you to important decisions/alternate routes in advance. At least I should not get lost. The plan is to send half of them back by mail once I arrive in Vienna.

Next time you might read a proper welcome to this blog 🙂


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