Sleeping material

Sleeping material

2 months on the road is a long time. Especially when you plan to spend the majority of the time in a tent. Until now I was always using some old iso mattress, cut in the middle to make it easier to transport on the bike. It’s not the most comfortable and small thing but I didn’t mind. Science seems to have advanced a lot in this section of outdoor equipment and after long thinking, if it would be worth the price, I got a super small, super light and super comfortable thing called the NEOAIR XLITE REGULAR from Therm-a-rest which comes at a not so small 145€.


For now I slept on it only one night but it really is comfortable with 6cm of thickness. I am still awaiting the chair kit in which you can fold the mattress to have some nice back support at the end of a long day of cycling.

All that said, I hope despite it’s thin layer the mattress will be sufficiently durable, although internet people seem to confirm it’s good enough.

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