Administrative stuff and insurance

Administrative stuff and insurance

Time flies and there are plenty of tiny things to consider. Today I was checking what documents I shall take with me.

For German citizens(probably also EU citizens) it will be enough to take a identity card to enter all the countries on the way:
France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slowaki, Croatia, Serbie, Roumanie and Bulgarie.

I shall make copies of all the documents in case I loose something.

You need your European health insurance card for the basic stuff. Now comes our favourite topic, additional insurance (or not?, it’s mostly EU after all).
No one likes them, and they basically make their money by profiting of peoples unawareness of what they should do, what is covered by national insurance and whatnot.So fear is a always a good business model, and I make no difference in it.

I got the Chapka Cap Assistance 24/24 for 2 months on a still reasonable price of 66€. They include nearly all countries in the world and seem to be the best fitted offer for travellers how are not sure what to do. Pay and forget and of course hope not to be in need of this services I guess(knock knock knock).

After Austria national currencies will change in every country. With 2 bank/credit cards it should be fine.

I will update this post after the journey if I was wrong somewhere and got into trouble, so don’t take my word for it 😉

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