Day 10 – Ersingen to Mörsingen

Day 10 – Ersingen to Mörsingen

Got to Ulm in the morning and spent 3h visiting. Their Münster is  certainly huge, but inside except the size not so impressive. was next to Einsteins birth house. then I got a new pillow)(old was broken) and spoon/folk because I lost the other ones(stupid me).

Had some problem with spokes of the front wheel but found a bike shop that tuned them fast. also got the tool there in case I have to do it myself one day.

After this went to the closest campsite in a small Bavarian village, really nice and calm, was invited but some youth camp group to their barbecue. Campsite was 15euros, most expensive yet so I got a roll of toilet paper in exchange 🙂

Since I’m in Bavaria road quality has decreased and have strong headwind 🙁


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