Day 26 – Budapest

Day 26 – Budapest

I finally could send 1.4kg of maps, that I already used back to my dad in Germany. Was 17euros but too good feeling to have less weight to carry from now on 🙂


Then was realx time, again. Went to lucas thermal bath. It is supposed to have the most healing water of all the sources in budapest and still has some ancient part of the Roman walls, although not as many as the Turkish rudas bath I went to with mila.

Unfortunately the art nouveau café were I wanted to drink something was already closed. A good reason to come back to budapest another time with someone to share the experiences:-)

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  1. Hello! You are right, it is necessary to visit Budapest in summer (more comfortable to explore and to swim in different thermal baths). Good relax!
    What country will be next?

    1. Hungary will be the next 230km,then I will cross for 1 or 2 days to Croatia and afterwards it’s Serbia, next break will be in Novi Sad I think

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