Day 27 – Budapest to Harta

Day 27 – Budapest to Harta

It was time to leave again this safe haven of a camping in the city.
Took a big road to leave and 10km was on small nice roads next to a Danube channel.

Around 17h I saw a camping sign next to Harta. After further inspection I saw one tent but no official campsite. Well I just sat next to them.

After going to the woods for some relief I found to my embarrassment a perfect public toilette and shower, would be luxury wild camping. There were plenty to of people at the Danube so I also had a swim.

Later in the evening my neighbors, a dad and his daughter made a fire and invited me to some, put neck meat of pig and a onion on a stick, tasted quite nice, was fun to chat with them in broken German, then we watched “fast and the furious 7”, well you don’t have to comment everything 🙂


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