Day 29 – Mohacs to Osijek

Day 29 – Mohacs to Osijek

We are so spoiled by the Schergen area, have over 2000km now and never once did I show my identity card. Well it was time. I don’t know what we did wrong but we waited for one hour until they let us go to Croatia. Checked a bit our luggage. At one point we though to understand that all our beards and moustaches seemed to make some problem. Later the guard apologized and said something about system problems, which didn’t stop the cars and one other cyclists to pass through rather fats. Well, hope Serbia will be faster.

Soon afterwards I decided to go by my own rhythm again and said “see you later” to the Germans. There was a choice to do 30km in a natural reserve. I decided to do it but with the extreme heat and worse road quality I regretted it a bit. especially when I noticed that my water was running quite low.

Took some energy gel and rationed the water. Went to some info center in the middle of this damn Parc to fill up again. Fortunately roads were perfect and I could leave this whole thing behind. In Osijek I saw the Germans in a bar with a nice beer (damn me that I stopped with alcohol). They would continue but I had enough for today and took a room in a hostel for 13euro.

Did a tour of the city which is really nice, then had super dinner with the rest of the hungarian money that I changed in a bank.



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