Day 32 – Novi Sad to Belgrade

Day 32 – Novi Sad to Belgrade

It was a bit sad to leave my nice hosts, they even made a little breakfast and gave me lots of tea for my bottle.

To get out of Novi Sad was OK, despite plenty of cars. Then lots of nice roads with really low traffic, from time to time interesting landscape and one actual hill of 230m.

Had nice lunch in a restaurant in some village, luckily there was a Serbian folk singer who has lived in America to translate to the waitress for me.

Usually lots of traffic disturb me too much, but the for Belgrade it was more than one hour of full roads to get in, my mouth started to taste like exhaustion fumes, not very nice.

Funny thing in Serbia, cars that honk mean it actually positive like a “bravo” most of the time, have to get used to this, still don’t like the sound.


I’m officially old so I got a private room with bath in a hostel 10km to the center.

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