Day 35 – Vinci to Turn Severin

Day 35 – Vinci to Turn Severin

This morning I would enter into a valley where big mountains are to the left and right of the Danube, it’s certainly a highlight.

The Danube will gain depth because of a huge damn 100km in front of me.
Several climbs today, nothing over 250m but goes up and down.
The area is called iron gates because the Danube becomes really narrow, there was a face in the rock with a hight of 40m

Views are breathtaking. There was some downside though, I call them the 16 tunnels of doom. OK maybe 3 were problematic, I’d say that nothing can easily scare me on a bike, neither traffic nor highways. But there were no lights in this tunnels, and the 300m versions with turn were pitch black. My lights were ridiculously small and often I didn’t see the walls or knew where I was, quite the adrenalin push 🙂
Fortunately not a lot of cars.

Also no other bikers so it’s getting a bit lonely on the road.

7h? forgot the computer on the bike, will check tomorrow

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