Day 37 – Calafat to Corabia

Day 37 – Calafat to Corabia

The wind gods are with me. Super sweet ride until Corbia.

It’s dead flat and only villages. But the people turn something that would be a boring day into a constant greeting trip. Also the children line up on the side of the street and hold their hands out so you can give high fives while pedaling. Makes the trip much more fun))

Only downside, no camping at all, and with all the trash, high grass and dogs not really in the mood for wild camping, but guesthouses and hotels are not expansive so I won’t complain 😉

On the last hour a old guy turned around with his bike and told me to follow him. At his field he gave me tons of bio grapes, so nice, he didn’t speak English so I couldn’t tell him fruits are nothing for my stomach, what a pity, will have to find someone to give all this nice grapes to 😀 Couldn’t say no in the moment, great people)

have to check the time, but average was a freaking 22km/h, thanks to the wind again)

ps: it’s crazy how fast this goes, if I keep up the pace could be in Constantia in 3 days or so

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