Day 5 – Over the hill to a nice place 

Day 5 – Over the hill to a nice place 

We started again on the road in direction of Sisteron/Gap. There were beautiful old villages and a nice place to swim in the Canyon. 

Around 15h we arrived in Die. The last trainstaion an Jo went back to Lyon. It was nice traveling together. I have a habit of pushing a lot on the bike when I’m alone and it was more relaxed way of traveling, meeting people. 

I met some Breton guy just before Jo left and we both headed for the pass in 1180m height. In the late afternoon it was really a pleasure spending the 2h or so climbing slowly up the mountain. 

The arrival had a super view and we could see even the high Alpes with snow. 

I decended a bit and found a super gîte with campground that was nearly empty with no village near. 

They were British, maybe that’s why the grass was perfectly cut? ☺


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