Day 9 – tiny Italian village on the coast

Day 9 – tiny Italian village on the coast

After a nice morning swim in the pool I went to look for a doctor. Two days ago somehow a fly went into my ear and didn’t get out again. I started to get annoying, not because I felt the fly but my brain was constantly thinking about it. 

After the consultation the doctor said there was nothing, probably the wash under the shower had done what I wanted and the brain continued to think there was something. Nevertheless he cleaned both ears and prescribed me some local antibiotics in case of infection. 

With Pease of mind I went down to Cannes train station, which is horrible, never go with a bike to Cannes unfortunately. 

I got out at the station next to the border in Mentone and decided to stay at a campsite in a tiny village with acces to the beach. 

Unfortunately they have green plastic ground instead of grass but the management seems nice enough. 

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