Day 11 – to Lake Orta

Day 11 – to Lake Orta

In the morning I left on tiny roads, that were longer and harder but ultimately much more beautiful than the convinient big road. There were brutal climbs of 10% but the tiny villages and nature was worth it. Around midday I saw that unfortunately I didn’t advance a lot to my evening location so I took the ugly road for a few hours to arrive in the end at the wonderful lake Orta. 

I just chose it because it was close to Lago Maggiore but it is extremely beautiful. The little town/village Orta is on a little mountain that stretches into the lake. On the hill there are 9 chapels, that are part of UN world heritage in honor of Giulio something who brought Christianity to this area in the year 300.

The camping is perfect as well, run by a Dutch women they certainly know who to make a camping experience just that little bit better, if I’m allowed to generalize ☺


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