Day 15 – close to Gotthard Pass

Day 15 – close to Gotthard Pass

It was unfortunately the last day of our short trip. In the morning Mila took the train and me back on the bike. 

The plan was to go up always next to the lake till Locarno. Oh what a nice road it was, and I think I even had a little bit of tail wind because I was just racing without any effort. In only 3h something I was nearly in Locarno. 

Instantly I was guided by nice bike path signs that showed me exactly where I should go. It was a pleasure riding and in the end I could go until the camping right before the high climb tomorrow. It was 136km but didn’t feel like it ☺

Switzerland is nice as always and I think the higher I go the better it will be. 


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  1. 136 km! It is great! About Gotthard Pass – it has elevation 2,106m, and Locarno- only 200m. Real mountain bike trip! Be carefull! Gute Reise!

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