About packing and packaging

About packing and packaging


As you might have noticed. Making a bike trip is a lot about packing, or rather packing really small and tidy (so you can find you stuff again).

There are plenty of super professional outdoor equipment, sometimes it also suffices to just go to the local supermarket. Get some zipper palstic bags, I adore them 🙂
They also have tiny salt/pepper kits. The empty bottle on the right will probably filled with some olive oil.

I am rather proud of the soap box with the sponge. There are even tiny holes on the bottom so it can dry fast. OK it was bought in an outdoor store… 😉

In an ideal world you define different uses to out panniers like: Living room (clothing), Bathroom, Kitchen, Sleeping room. It’s a good idea to remember where things should go. Than again sometimes size and weight come in the way of a good concept.


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