Hello again,

to be honest, my main worry about this travel is that I don’t manage to eat enough calories to compensate for the daily cycling sessions. I’m not heavy to begin with (understatement) so I shall monitor my weight whenever possible.

I guess every cyclist knows the wonders and perfect taste of peanut butter, seriously, you can eat it day and night without getting bored plus it’s a perfect energy cocktail.

There will probably be a lot of pasta or rice either with bouillon or some tomato sauce that I’ll get on the way. To make it more interesting I have some miso soups and other powder based soups for the side. In the mornings I’ll always try to get some bread/baguette and croissants. The bread and some dry sausage should be good for the afternoon. For lunch I hope to find some fast snack like kebab (especially in Germany where they have the Turkish kebab) or it will be bread/sausage/peanut butter.

In eastern Europe prices will probably drop so restaurants will become a valid alternative.

PS: ah, I forgot about fruits, my stomach is not the biggest fan of fibres so I’ll start with bananas, but we’ll see how it evolves to more delicious fruits 🙂

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