Day 38 – Corabia to Giurgiu

Day 38 – Corabia to Giurgiu

uff, tired legs.

Think it was one of the hardest days, also because the wind changed and my distances are long for some days now.

First half full of the day Lally the villages were empty, maybe everyone is working the fields? Around 15h I arrived in Zim(something), stoll 62km to Giurgiu. This would be hard, I ate some cookies and moved on, plus got a Cole to have a constant sugar supply at least for one hour 🙂
Told myself to look up a bit and enjoy the landscape, was dead flat with fields as always, concentrated back on the legs, not to drop under 20km. At least the people came back, plenty of greetings and waving to lift the spirits.

Today I deserve my room 🙂

ps: call me crazy but I have difficulties with the one hour time difference 😀


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