Day 39 – Giurgiu to Oltenita

Day 39 – Giurgiu to Oltenita

Well, there shall be no trip without strong headwinds and bad weather 🙂

Was hard to advance today.
So I did 2 stops to have hot tea.



But I found a place already around 15h30 so hopefully I’ll get some strength back for more windy days to come.

Did walk around the small city a bit, nothing much there 😉

it’s really not far to Constanta and I want to arrive there in 2 days.


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  1. Hello! I hope weather will be better. You will cross all Romania from west to east! And explore the Danube river in different countries.( I saw a map – Corabia, Giurgiu, Oltenita in Romania are on this river). Good luck! Forwards to the Black Sea!

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